Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is commonly thought of as a courtroom boxing match, with each side arguing and “fighting” for their client. With attorneys telling clients that they will be the most aggressive to knock their opponent out of the ring, and to fight to the end, it is easy to see how the courtroom process can be appear intimidating.

In reality, most interactions with the opposing side occur outside of the courtroom in meeting rooms to negotiate terms of a settlement either through mediation or arbitration. No fists are thrown but rather attorneys represent their clients professionally as they present their client’s side of the case and most negotiations are cordial.

The lawyers at the Stroud Fenner Law Firm have over 20 years of litigation experience and we have seen our fair share of cases go to trial. If needed, we will take your case all the way to the courtroom if that is the means necessary to fight to obtain the outcome you deserve under the facts of your case.

We recognize how the big insurance companies think and how they work hard to minimize the value of claims.  We know this because we used to work with and for them!  We understand the strategies they use to try to reduce their risk, especially after a lawsuit has been filed.  We believe our insider knowledge benefits our clients because we understand when the insurance companies are bluffing and when they are truly extending a fair and reasonable settlement offer.